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About Me


Hi, I'm Vignesh Rajendiran. I am working as a backend developer for one of the top international companies. After working for a long time as a backend developer I decided to learn one of the frontend development languages for my career growth, I came across the SAPLowCodeNoCode Challenge. It was quite interesting, and that's how my journey started with "SAP AppGyver".

Why did I start this blog?

During my initial days of working on AppGyver, I struggled a lot as there were not many proper explanation videos or sites to help me out. The community forms had some great tutorials, but still, for some people, it was not easy to understand. I am sure that many of them would have felt the same. I created this site to help the community and people like me to understand about AppGyver's capabilities and serve as a small guide to have a better learning experience. With my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python in the past, I believe I will be able to create good content on AppGyver.

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